BURTON MOTORSPORTS  —  No hype, just smart.

Sure, there are lots of ways to buy a bike. But they can leave your nerves rattled, wondering what you just paid for.

It’s more important than ever to buy from a dealership who is meticulous, professional, and has a wide-spread reputation for being above-board in all their business dealings — Burton Motorsports!

  • Worried that “Mr. Handy” took a do-it-yourself approach to repairs & maintenance before posting his bike online?
  • Suspect Mega Metro Dealer gave that bike a spit polish…but ignored the internals & could care less if it’s mechanically sound?
  • Thought about snapping up that “too good to be true” deal. . . until you remembered what your dad always said?

Skip the drama, and head for Burton Motorsports. We started as a service & repair shop first, and that’s still at the heart of who we are. No slick, high-pressure sales guys. We love the roar of the engine, the science & technology of a bike’s guts. We’re passionate about the performance – first and foremost.

That’s why our motto is Performance-Driven. Integrity-Bound. And we believe those two things are inseparable.

Celebrating 15 years as Kitsap’s Go-To Dealer for Integrity & Performance.

Consumer Tip…

Always conduct business with a Washington State licensed powersports dealer. Licensed, bonded & insured dealers offer you the best assurances and only recourse through the Dept. of Licensing for accurate ownership and titling of your new purchase.

Sales from out-of-state unlicensed sellers, online retailers, private unlicensed agents posing as “dealers,” and high-volume private sellers are illegal and often involve undisclosed rebuilt titles, non-transferred / incomplete titles, vehicles that cannot be legally titled in WA State, unwarrantable vehicles, or stolen vehicles, and leave the Purchaser liable.

Additionally, beware of businesses that appear legitimate but are not correctly licensed, often in multiple lines of business (example: selling motorcycles/scooters on the side in addition to auto repair/sales, RVs, equipment/tractor rental, “big box” stores, auto parts stores, etc.). Furthermore, most of these individuals and entities are unable to adequately support the requirements of the warranty, which will void your protections (or cost you more in unit shipping fees to claim warranty coverage) than the cost of repair or value of the vehicle.